Monday, 8 October 2012

Published! In The Foreign Service Journal

Like all sorts of organizations, the Foreign Service has an association to look out for active and retired diplomats' interests. The American Foreign Service Association, or AFSA, represents the needs of more than 28,000 current and former Foreign Service employees who serve - or served - in the State Department, Agency for International Development (USAID), Foreign Agriculture Service, Foreign Commercial Service and International Broadcasting Bureau.

One of AFSA's other roles is publishing the monthly Foreign Service Journal. October's issue focuses on the latest hiring surge in State and USAID, which started in 2008 and helped Sarah land her job with the State Department. James was lucky enough to publish two pieces in this month's journal: the Reflections piece about our journey getting into the Foreign Service, and a photo from our trip to Agra in the magazine's inaugural Local Lens feature.

To read each piece, click on them to make them larger. And if they're still not large enough, download them and zoom to billboard size. We hope you enjoy them.

The Reflections piece:

The Local Lens piece:

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