Monday, 15 October 2012

The Serene Palace Of Katsura Rikyu

Time to see how the other half lived. If you were lucky to be alive in the mid-17th century (stay with us here) and also rich and attractive, and from a special family and had nothing to do all day but sit around and drink tea, you might have found yourself outside of Kyoto, at the imperial palace belonging to Prince Toshihito.

Or you can be alive now and enjoying this blog.

The Katsura palace, all nestled in.

Our tour guide. So cute! So cute with her nifty little speaker gizmo! The sublime panels in one of the outer tea houses scattered about the property. Still a modern design.

A view from inside a tea house. You can tell how easy it must have been to let the years slip by while lounging with your friends drinking tea. The tour group walks the plank, a lovely little arched bridge.

Nice yard.

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