Monday, 21 May 2012

The Big Boudha

Near Kathmandu sits the impressive stupa of Boudha (pronounced "bow-duh"), the most important Tibetan monument outside of Tibet. Since 1959, when the Chinese took over Tibet, the Boudha stupa has become the place where exiles go to worship. It's obvious why: the stupa is huge, it's surrounded by a dedicated plaza and the area is full of Tibetan monasteries.

The big B. People included for scale.

The stupa in all its glory, complete with prayer flags. The surrounding plaza, a nice circle of buildings framing the stupa.

The Boudha eyes, always looking. Rows and rows of spinning prayer wheels.

A misty monk. Sometimes you ring the bell, sometimes the bell rings you.

Making the prayer wheel circuit. Doing a Mary Tyler Moore imitation.

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