Friday, 18 May 2012

Noshing In Nepal

"How's the food?" is one of the standard questions we hear from everyone curious about our travels. No one ever says, "How're the sidewalks?" or "What do people's watches look like?" Is food that exciting? We all eat every day to keep us going. Traveling doesn't mean daily meals at Le Cirque. But it's nice to be beyond franchise-land and to see and taste what the local market offers.

The de-facto national dish of Nepal, the mighty momo. A steamed dumpling, filled with veg or meat, similar to something you'd find at a Chinese Dim Sum place, but a little drier. Lots of deep fried stuff available on the street. Good that the deep frying probably kills everything. Bad that the deep frying generally renders the object unidentifiable.

The fish vendor and her dried wares. Check your map, Nepal is land-locked.

Day-glo pasta for sale. Corn drying.

Our favorite, the humble lemon man. He's proof you can have practically nothing in this world and still care so much about what you're peddling, you take the time to make small symmetrical stacks of your little lemons. Environmental sculpture at its most basic. Touching.

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  1. Very touching. Yes on the momo. No on the fish. Terah