Sunday, 27 May 2012

Going Country In Nepal

The bustle and pollution of Kathmandu are good motivators to encourage one to get out of the city and see some rural life. Oh, did somebody say you can see the Himalayas? Done.

You think the Himalayas just start in some flat parking lot? Nope, smaller mountains and unnamed hills are standard terrain in Nepal. So is farming. If you want to grow a crop, time to terrace. During February, the yellow flower of mustard seemed to be the crop most often grown.

A beautiful day for laundry, in this case, all the linen from our hotel. Going green by necessity. Sarah and steppes.

A typical farm on a hill. Wander around, peek through a wall break and be rewarded with a Himalayan view.

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  1. Stunning views. I don't see any John Deere Green parked anywhere. Terah