Thursday, 17 May 2012

That's Using Your Neck

In Nepal, if you need something moved, you don't call Allied, you call Allen. Or Gagan, Raju or Bibek. Or maybe Sunita, Ashmi or Shristi. Men and women with strong necks are willing to stick them out for you and haul whatever you've got.

Here's how they move stuff. Big strap, wrapped around the package and then over the head. Looks like a spinal nightmare, good for the back, bad for the upper discs.

Women carry just like the men. A typical haul, looking like a wide load truck.

Out in the sticks, you gotta carry sticks. Which is better than hauling rocks. Uphill. Ugh.

Sometimes your cargo is yours for the selling. A step up in the hauling world means a rickshaw and a place to nap. Luxury.


  1. I saw someone carry a refrigerator this way.

  2. Makes my neck hurt just watching. Terah