Monday, 28 May 2012

Precious Pashupatinath

Nepal's holiest Hindu site is the impressive temple and cremation complex called Pashupatinath. Located about four kilometers from Kathmandu, the main temple is dedicated to Shiva and has stood in some form on the site since the 5th century. If you're not Hindu, you can't roam around and see the whole complex. It's still worth visiting to see the architecture, the Sadhus (dreadlocked holy men), the cremations (covered in the next post) and the general scene.

The Pashupatinah complex. A typical visitor, maybe not so far removed from this Bob Dylan song.

A Sadhu, a regular sight at temples that celebrate Shiva. Another view of the complex.

Looking at the other side of the river, opposite the temple complex. Plenty of room to view all the action. Another worshipper.

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