Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nothing Beads Kathmandu

No use beading around the bush: if you need the little glass nuggets, head to the Indrachowk area of Kathmandu and bargain among the couple of dozen or so bead vendors. It's an extravaganza of color, a bedazzled paradise of options.

A sampling of the stalls and a vendor ready to make a deal.
He, ugh, won't leave you un-stranded.

It's not hard to appreciate the glint. If ready-made isn't your thing, they're happy to do a custom job.

Stringing a special strand, all while you wait on one of those ubiquitous mini stools.


  1. I love this. There is something about glass and beads themselves. I would not have been able to decide and would have taken a suitcase full.! Staige