Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kidding Around In Nepal

We've mentioned the energy crisis in Nepal and that rolling power outages for up to 20+ hours a day force folks to spend time outside in the free light of the sun. Kids are probably out there anyway, keeping themselves busy with whatever entertainment they can come up with. Let the games begin!

Our favorite game, reminding us of a great Helen Levitt photo of kids playing back in NYC.

It doesn't look like a game, but you work with what you have (paraphrasing Donald Rumsfeld). Throwing something out a window to the other kids below. Jumping (stomping?) rope.

Playing on a real tractor and then driving a play tractor. We love the correct color gas can body.

Someone is getting his a*s kicked playing some sort of version of wall marbles. A peek at Ping Pong.

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