Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rice Wars

Rice is the staple food in Nepal. Everyone eats it practically everyday, usually as part of the standard Nepali meal called Daal Bhaat. Rice is rice, so how do you sell more of your stuff than the other guys? Simple, turn it over to the marketing boys and get them to come up with cool packaging. But we're talking rice here, not smart phones.

A typical stall with a typical selection. How does one decide? Oooh, those folks working in the field look so happy, this rice must be best, bursting with labor flavor.

Wait, this dish looks so yummy, I'll buy this rice and get those results. Right. Right? Hey, that couple looks sooo happy they bought this rice, maybe it's an aphrodisiac. Can I get this rice and a wife, too? God, I want to eat rice and dance!

Screw those bucolic images, buy our rice or this tiger will kill you! We're not messing around!

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