Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Calcutta High Court

The Calcutta High Court building is the oldest court in India. It dates to 1862 and still retains the old name of the city as a tradition. The architectural style is North European Gothic, as the design is a replica of Stand Haus, located in Ypres, Belgium.

The imposing court.

Looming justice. There is a semi-organized check system for all the stuff not allowed inside. Enterprising guys stand outside and you leave whatever you need with them.

The support community around the courthouse complex is the most interesting part of the scene. Nearby buildings overflow with services, and signs to match.

More signs and business mailboxes, all a free-for-all in doorways and front lobbies.

Are you a lawyer and momentarily forgot the law? Not a problem, just go see one of the dozens of street stalls selling summaries of specific law fields.

Who has time to type a motion? Again, just hit the streets and find someone to do the typing for you. Yes, right on the sidewalk.
How about some copies? Again, the street is your source. Indoor space must be too big a premium. Yet this poor copy man has managed to find room for a little copy shop, emphasis on LITTLE.

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