Thursday, 23 May 2013

Indian Museum, Kolkata

One of the more impressive public institutions in all of India is the India Museum of Kolkata. Founded in 1814, it's the largest museum in the country and houses a grab bag of collections, from archeological to zoological items. Hey, A-Z, nice!

The building is also impressive. It was completed in 1875 and still has a commanding presence on Kolkata's main park, the Maidan.

Indian Museum. The focal point of the complex is its inner courtyard.

The imposing entrance, complete with ubiquitous yellow Ambassador. Sculpture surrounding the courtyard.

What's a big museum without a grand staircase?

The galleries are strictly old-school looking, whether with impressionistic streaming sunlight or dark, dingy academia patina.

Lonely bust, part 1.

Lots of old stones to see and lots of students there to see them. Notice the typical way Indians stand in line, practically on top of each other.

Lonely bust, part 2.


  1. aha, the hoards of schoolchildren that you see in every Indian museum....

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