Monday, 20 May 2013

Tea In Kolkata

Whether through a green ordinance or just by rural tradition, Kolkata serves tea on the street in little clay cups. The clay cups aren't reusable, but they are highly smash-able and ultimately biodegradable, unlike the pesky little plastic containers used in other Indian cities.

It's a green idea before the idea was green. Clay cups have been used for hundreds of years for tea, because anyone with a pile of clay can churn out the cups. Drink from one, throw it on the ground and the clay goes right back into the earth.

A fresh delivery, ready for use.

The tea merchants.
Nothing like tea on the sidewalk, these folks were taking a break from court proceedings across the street (notice the lawyer duds on the gentleman on the left).

Clay not good enough? Time for High Tea? Some vendors actually stock tea cups and saucers. How sidewalk sophisticated.
Are you ready to try a cup?


  1. Okay I've looked enough now, I'll have to come back. Do you mind if I ask what camera you use? Just bought a Nikon D7000 to try and been on a course to try and improve my photography. You should publish a book of all your photos - they're all professional standard (maybe you are??) best wishes Bombayjules

  2. Thanks so much for all of your nice comments. I use a Canon T3i/D600. You Nikon is a great camera. I'll try and get my best photos more organized and maybe do an exhibition in the future.