Sunday, 5 May 2013

Stopping For Lunch On The Road In India

There aren't many KFCs and McDonalds in India (not that you'd want to stop there anyway) and they're mostly in the cities. When you're traveling between metropolises, stopping for a bite to eat means a local lunch place.

Here's a typical place, ad-hoc eating area, a nice blend of primary colors of blue chairs and tables, green roof and red columns. They probably don't want you to stay long.

The workers. A server and a boy in the back stirring dosa batter.
The video game parlor in front.

Another worker, sampling the water. The green roof adds funky color correction. Another drink option, cases of soda.

Near the restaurant, rolling along.

The facilities, brought to you by Coca-Cola. Drink enough and you'll be here over and over.

A nearby tailor shop.

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