Friday, 10 May 2013

Rocking The Indian Museum In Kolkata

Elephant skeletons are nice and visual, but the foundation collection at the Indian museum is more rock solid -- fossils and minerals to be exact. And so exhaustively exact that they fill massive old, wooden cases in two huge rooms. It looks like the last shot of Raiders of the Lost Ark, substituting old museum cases for general wood crates.

The fossil room.

We're glad asbestos decided to stay decent. Divine light on a fossil case.

Just when you become overwhelmed by what's in all the cases, you suddenly notice there are four times as many drawers.

They're not messing around in terms of source material. Go high or go home.

Waay old school geological explorer's tools. Stuffed bird? How is a stuffed bird part of the tool kit? And one look at the stuffed bird and you wonder, was it made from a pile of congealed chocolate bars?

Knowing your rocks is to knowing your cases is to knowing your Latin.

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