Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Public Bathing In Kolkata

One unique feature of Kolkata is bathing in the street. You don't see many people in other large Indian cities crack out the bar of soap, bring a little laundry and get cleaning. In Kolkata, they still have a network of open taps along streets for anyone to use. Once the water starts to pour, the poor come out to wash.

The classic scene, a group of boys getting clean.

Another use for the water, a man hauling a few liters in an old-school leather pouch. Come clean anything, even your motorcycle.

The taps are everywhere, in front of stores, on corners. There doesn't seem to be a set pattern of placement, the taps are just part of the everyday street scene.

Bringing the buckets, testing the water. Spreading the laundry for a little wash-down.

Then a pop-up for a quick portrait. Clean!


  1. When we were in Kolkata back in December, we walked through one neighborhood that had an elaborate outdoor bathing facility. It was really early in the morning and full of people... well men. lol

  2. The last picture gave me a good chuckle :-) Here in Guate we only see women and children bathing in the lake. I've never seen a man bathing in public here.