Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Egg Men Of New Market, Kolkata

Did John Lennon get inspiration from Kolkata's New Market when he wrote I Am The Walrus? Did he visit when doing the ashram thing, making a detour to buy an egg?

New Market has clusters of everything you may need, including a corridor of egg merchants. How do you decide? Looking for a specific hue, size, discount by the dozens? It's a mystery, but it would also be hard to need eggs and not find what you're looking for with so many examples for sale in one place. Bring on the Egg Men!

The corridor of eggs.

The Egg Man, proudly standing next to his stall sign and showing off the goods.

Another proud Egg Man.

A slow day moving eggs. The lights are kept dim to protect the goods, but a lone foil-shaded lamp adds a theatrical element to the mood.

Two more Egg Men portraits, well-stocked and balancing the books.

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