Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Kolkata's New Market

All the major cities in India seem to have a Raj-era general market: some sort of Gothic building housing rows and rows of shopping stalls that sell food, housewares and other related goods. In Kolkata, the place is called New Market and was opened in 1874. Today the market is still a vibrant place to pick up groceries and a sari.

The main building gives way to multiple alleyways between other out-buildings.

The lowest of the pecking order waiting for scraps in the butcher area. Mmm, goat heads.

A woman salvaging chicken feet and skin to sell.

The goat butcher. Talk about efficient, check out the gridded bamboo section below the butcher. Yup, it's the live goat cage, today's product hanging out until needed. Nifty (except for the goats)!

The dish towel salesman. Beautiful chickens.

The little chicken seller.


  1. I have been there many times. It is a shame (or is it?) that you can not record the odours coming from that area.
    I disagree with you, however, about the "lowest of the pecking order". My wife spoke to one of the meat-merchants there, and he said that the cats are very well taken care of, and the cats do seem to be very content (although I am not certain of the condition of the dogs).

  2. I agree about the smell. It was so overwhelming the time that I visited. Couldn't stay long! lol