Friday, 31 May 2013

Rabbit Reimagined

In Kolkata, we didn't see any Rabbit trashcans. Maybe the factories are only in South India and Rabbit doesn't hop that far. No matter, we were still able to find a few FORs, Friends Of Rabbit.

Naturally, the state of West Bengal should feature a tiger trashcan. Instead of putting a tiger in your tank, put your trash in a tiger?

Of course! The best animal trashcan idea ever! Sorry Rabbit, but the pouch is a natural for trashcan duty. Hello Kangaroo.

How could you litter in front of a face like Kangaroo? Sarah, posing with a, what? Squat policeman? Some sort of royalty?


  1. I, like you, have photographed the rabbit trash bins.
    In a recent post of mine, I inquired about the origin of these ubiquitous trash bins.
    Would you happen to know the story behind them?

  2. Hi Micky. I don't really know the back story of all the animal trash cans. From photographing them and getting to see the differences, you can tell a rabbit can be made by different companies. The ones in Chennai look different than ones in other parts of India. I bought one in Parry's Corner in Chennai and it seemed the shop owner made them himself. He has the mold and hand paints them.

  3. I took loads of photos of animal trashcans in Cochin...very amusing! Perhaps they are encouraging children to be litter savvy...