Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Looking At Kolkata

Kolkata (Calcutta) has the best historical architecture in India. What it lacks in Mughal-era palaces and temples, it makes up for it in Raj-era English and Gothic administrative buildings. Kolkata also has neighborhoods of heavily patina-ed industrial-era architecture, commercial warehouses and buildings that take advantage of the at-the-time new steel technology.

The Writer's Building, one of Kolkata's most famous government offices. Built in 1777, it was originally used for writers employed by the East India company.

Along the street, passing a block of old, heavy green shutters. An apartment building Gaudi would have enjoyed.

Kolkata's most famous building, a big, elaborate monument to Queen Victoria. The inside houses city museum galleries.

Two more British-era historical structures, the General Post Office from 1884 and Saint Paul's cathedral, 1847.

Old industrial warehouse buildings, looking a little like NYC's SOHO.

Moving forward in time to the Art Deco period, a cute, little police station and a movie theater.

The Yankee stadium of Indian cricket, Eden Gardens.

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