Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mother Teresa House, Kolkata

Everyone knows the name Mother Teresa. It's synonymous with selfless sacrifice to help the poor of society. Did you know she lived in a huge mansion and was driven around in a gold-plated Rolls Royce? And ate steak every night, specially flown in daily from Argentina?

Kidding! She was a nun from Albania, who settled in Calcutta, establishing many homes to help the indigent of India. You can visit the home where she lived, worked and is now entombed.

The mission, known as "The Mother House."

Stick around long enough, make a name for yourself and a street gets named after you. The main courtyard of the Mother House. Mother's stairs leading up to her modest bedroom are on the right.

Signs of warning; signs of direction. Do not spit near Mother! Mother's small bedroom. A pinup picture of the Pope is on the rear wall to the left. No Tivo.

There's an item-crammed room devoted to Mother Teresa's life, mostly illustrated with things that belonged to her. Everything is defined in the possessive. In this case, you can see Mother's toothbrush, Mother's Colgate, Mother's soap container, Mother's rosaries and on and on and on....

Her tomb, with a fine flowered motto.

A patient nun at the entrance to the tomb viewing area.

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